May 2, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Blog!

I have been using Blogger for a year already, Oh how time flies so fast, I can still remember that first spark in me; "I must open another blog site!!!" upon seeing Bianca Gonzales' Blog. Well here it was. I have been ranting about my life already and you could honestly blackmailed me or something. No, Kidding. Anyway, This blog have been a great avenue for boosting my morale and self-esteem, although you know I'm still not improving my Grammar. Hahahaha Even though that's the case I still got at least .01% voice in changing the world. Huh

So, I present to you my Stats for a year of Blogging, Thank you so much!

Once again, Happy 1st Anniversary Thesweeteranna!!! 
More Sweetness please :)
Thank you God. ♥☺