February 4, 2012

In the Closet World

We ladies, really have to work on with our own mini-closets, even if we are not the 'fashionista' type, it's still a necessity for us, Why? so that it would be easy to look for clothes and save us time to get ready.  BUT I am really not yet sure what to do with mine, it's like 100 typhoons struck my closet O-O HAHAHAHAHAHA

Here are  some photos of my SUPER typhoon closet world 
(Good thing it's not an entrance to Narnia).
-photo blog-

Let me first present to you my Clothes: 
Top Left divider: should be the Shorts and Skirts, Left Middle Divider: should be my house-clothes, Left Bottom Divider: should be my Season Clothes (my-whatever-clothes) The right wing are my Dresses, Special Events blouses (any favorites that I want to put there) HAHAHAHA

Signal Number 4.

These were parcels of my Nail Polish in rainbow colors. <3

Some of the Bags that I often use in school :)
Bags I seldom use. (some of them were my sister's)

I don't exactly have an Idea what's the use of this but I think It's TRASH level 1? =)))))) I'm so dead with my mom. Oh how terrible I am  @___@

Hoooolala shoes. Some of them aren't my shoes, they were my sister's, but she's working and studying in manila, so she left all the ugly shoes with me. PLUS mom tried to organize it since it's really waaaay toooo many (PROMISE!) but she didn't succeed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Trivia: I am really addicted with Shoes (mostly in rainbow colors and black)
My only Accessories left :( because I lost some of them <////3 I'm really not Good with safe keeping, most especially the pearl that my mom gave me <///////3 OHMYGOD. thinking about it makes me CRY T.T

Those were just parcel of my messy things, trust me, if you visit our house everything is messy. MY GOD. how am I able to bare this Closet Stress. Hahahaha. So right now, what I'm thinking is to give them away (I mean, some of them.) I have read some organizing books and it basically says to free the clothes you never wear =))))))) So please do watch out for my Online Garage Sale next week!

Happy Tour!