February 23, 2012

Another Girl to Love :)

As everyone was giving their thoughts and comments about my outfit last "Ateneo de Naga University Dress Up Day" I want to show you who really was behind my very vintage outfit.

I was really inspired by Camille Co's advice, although I gave my outfit a vintage flair. (Forgive me, If I was being a Fashion Nazi) Hahahahaha everything was inspired by my hungry desires for fashion.

Here's my Only Picture during the dress up day. My God =))))) L-R: (Joanna and Yours Truly) Joanna is so nice too with her Dress and very classy animal print shoes :) am I right? Loving every bits of our outfits! Still, I promise to vie you  better photos. 

Anyway, My Outfit was inspired by a British Contributing Vogue Editor. It's none other than my really gorgeous new love, Alexa Chung :)

I so want her LIFESTYLE baby! and her dresses too O-O  

Tell me what's wrong with my love for vintage :)

I want to wear this!!!!!!! It's like the modern Elizabeth Bennet Chaneling type, 

While looking at this, I already have an Idea what to wear in my next Corpo Attire next school year :)

Love and Love and Love again

Dear Alexa Chung,

Please Teach me how to pull off a very Audrey-ish slash Elegante look in my everyday life :)  I'm really willing to study fashion in the next years and work for your magazine. Gosh! Sorry for my nonsense comments. I just Love you so much! :""""">

Anna Patricia (a Wanna be)